Marjorie H Morgan

Researcher - Writer - Playwright


Two zero two zero

| By Marjorie Morgan

Two zero two zero

global yet microscopic intersections of

Covid clash with racism

creating the perfect storm

of shadowy destruction

where people stare unblinkingly

as death dramas

defeat hope

licking their ankles

rising through their veins

burning from the inside out

clawing, mauling

tearing tender strips off each heart

painfully revealing

for the first time

to blinded eyes

acres of injustice

hidden between centuries of laws

elevated statutes and statues

many backs turn away

from the bright rightness of revealed truths

few linger

holding, sharing

the weight of injustice

peeled back

by the brutal rawness and enduring constancy

of two zero two zero

© Marjorie H Morgan 30 September 2021

about the author

Marjorie H Morgan

Researcher, writer, playwright, journalist with an interest in the themes of history, society, identity, and home.