Marjorie H Morgan

Researcher - Writer - Playwright

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Morgan Telesis Productions
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Angela, the obedient daughter of a Baptist pastor, in her late 20s, has received a marriage proposal.

The problem is she’s been avoiding intimacy for years because she has not officially come out – to herself, her friends or her parents. With the surprise proposal utmost in her mind she is forced to examine her life and decide whether she is ready to risk alienating those nearest and dearest to her.

Angela has to decide whether to keep living undercover and marry a man she will never love, or stand up for her true identity and face the anticipated anger of her church and family community.


Shortlisted for the Kenneth Branagh New Drama Writing Awards 2018.

Let Them Eat Cake

Audience Reviews & Feedback

“It was a wonderful night. Thank you (Marj) and Abbie and Kel for all the hard work and thought you obviously put into it. I hope it’s the beginning of a tradition.”

Cheryl Martin, Homotopia Guest Curator


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Marjorie H Morgan

Researcher, writer, playwright, journalist with an interest in the themes of history, society, identity, and home.