Marjorie H Morgan

Researcher - Writer - Playwright

10° of Separation

Morgan Telesis Productions
Target Audience
1 f
13 m


This short screenplay was written following a commission from Northern Broadsides Theatre as part of their Digital Squad programme during the global pandemic of 2020 in the UK.

This story is presented as a series of online diary entries from clinical epidemiologist Dr. Areema Waqar, as she explores both how important 10° of separation are during a crisis, and struggles with her personal relationship to wearing her burqa and hijab.

Audience feedback and review

“Should be watched by as many people as possible.” Sylvia Woodhurst

“Insightful and thought provoking ‘re issues faced morning, noon and night.” Patrick Graham✊🏽

“A really beautiful piece of work.” Rachel Howard

“I’ve just watched 10° of Separation – wow! Fantastic stuff. Love the repeated motif of eyes, and the weaving together of so many different strands into a complete whole… Loved it!” Ed Barrett

“This made me cry, more than once. A moving, thought-provoking piece that conveys multiple messages. Truly excellent.” Jo Ann Gilbert

“This is beautiful, amazing job.” Samuel Pérez Durán

“It’s brilliant- it had me in tears! So well acted and well written.” Jenny Porter

“An incredible moving and powerful piece. I was blown away. Well done to all involved.” Amy Stout

“Very very moving!!!” Pauline Hayel

“This left me in a deeply quiet place of uncertainty, acceptance (of what, i’m not sure) and determination to … seize the time.” Kendel Hippolyte

“Very powerful piece of work. Well done.” Paula Goss

“Really good X” Rosie Swayne

“This is a very powerful and emotional viewing. But truthful in what’s happening right now.” Sophia Morgan

“It made me cry.” Michelle Smith

“Great writing and superb acting!” Jan Radclyffe

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Marjorie H Morgan

Researcher, writer, playwright, journalist with an interest in the themes of history, society, identity, and home.