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Enigma Stigma

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Enigma Stigma is a stage play that is the story of Thomas Williams, a 20 year old gay man, whose life collapses when he discovers he’s HIV positive. This is a monologue in two parts – written for both Thomas and Shadow – his conscience and fragmented memory – who together remember and experience the raw fear, rejection, and final hope of learning the results of the blood test and navigating life after diagnosis.

Enigma Stigma played to a SOLD OUT audience at OUT! Liverpool in February 2019, before appearing for one night (7 March 2019) at UNITY THEATRE, Liverpool in conjunction with Sahir House as part of the World AIDS Day Monologue programme:

Audience reviews and feedback

“It was marvellous.”


“That was fantastic.”

“Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.”


“The quality of the writing is just wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.”

“I can’t wait to see the whole play!”

“Enigma Stigma, what a fabulous performance, well done to Marj Morgan and the team, a brilliant performance which complemented the night perfectly.” Sahir House.

“Great play and powerful performance. Congratulations!!” Andy Kerr.

“It’s the most moving, emotional and thought provoking piece of theatre I have ever seen.” Mark K. Cooper.

“Amazing, thoughtful and poetic.” Steve Benson.

Enigma Stigma Scratch Event

A portion of my new play, Enigma Stigma, was shared at the Liverpool Everyman Scratch Morning on 24 November 2018. This event was organised by the Everyman Theatre New Works department to showcase sample sections of new writing in the North West.

Enigma Stigma is a play that was inspired by Duane K Williams, and the inaugural production featured the outstanding acting talents of Nick Sheedy and Liam Powell-Berry.

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Marjorie H Morgan

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