Marjorie H Morgan

Researcher - Writer - Playwright

Refuge(e) Picnic

Morgan Telesis Productions
Target Audience
All Ages
1f, 1m


This dystopian play is set in Liverpool in 2029 when a local Caucasian couple are targetted because their heritage is discovered.

They have kept secrets to blend in with wider society, now they are under the threat of what was hidden – from everyone, even their children – being revealed.

It’s the early afternoon when they have to decide if they will take flight as planned and thereby leave everything of their current lives behind.

The main question is will they have enough time to get their stockpiled precious items from their home and also collect their two children who are at different friends’ houses.

Firstly they have to persuade each other that there is no alternative, because nobody really wants to leave their home.

about the author

Marjorie H Morgan

Researcher, writer, playwright, journalist with an interest in the themes of history, society, identity, and home.