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Children of the Windrush Generation History Research Workshops

August 21, 2019

August 2019 heralded the start of the _Children of the Windrush Generatio_n oral history research techniques course, held at Blackburne House and led by Marjorie H Morgan.

The oral histories, associated research, and the Liverpool City Council commissioned stage play ‘Home From Home’ will form the basis of a documentary focused on the female descendants of people who arrived in Merseyside from different parts of the British Commonwealth.

This project will tell the unheard and unique stories of the women of Liverpool as we celebrate each family’s contribution to Liverpool’s rich and diverse culture.


Blackburne House is facilitating the Children of the Windrush Generation project to celebrate and educate the wider community about the valued contribution to British society the Windrush Generation made in Merseyside.

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