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TranScripts Creative Writing Course 2018

May 14, 2018

TranScripts Creative Writing Course 2018

(As initially reported by Writing on the Wall)

Over eight weeks, several writers who identify as Trans are on our creative writing course, TranScripts, in partnership with Liverpool Mental Health Consortium

Work created on the course will be published in an Anthology & there will be opportunities to showcase it at Liverpool Pride on 28th July & at Liverpool Mental Health Festival on 14th October.

WoW sat down with TranScripts tutor,

Marjorie Morgan

to find out a little bit more about the project.

What first drew you to the Transcripts Project?

The chance to share the magic of creative writing with more people.

_How did you feel going into your first session of the Transcripts Project? _

Nervously excited.

What do you hope the participants will get out of each of the sessions on the course?

The joy of creating something unique – nobody else can write how you can.

Being a writer yourself, are there any specific techniques or knowledge you wish to impart onto the participants to help further empower their writing?

Read widely and make time to write. It takes discipline.

What book should any writer read?

On Writing by Stephen King.

If there is one piece of writing advice you could give to the participants, what would it be?

Keep writing. You learn by doing it, not just by thinking about it.

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